The Carbon Calculator

As we move towards Net Zero 2030 Manufacturers are constantly being challenged to reduce their Carbon Footprint in every area of their business from Procurement to Process and final delivery to their Customers. Tools are now available to help Companies measure their output in each and every area of the business to accurately map and calculate the emissions in each process in terms of the Co2 impact on our Planet and helps responsible companies play their part in working towards a more sustainable future. This measurement is known as a Cradle to Gate analysis.

The Carbon Calculator Tool has the functionality to calculate specific manufacturing stages that have been deemed relevant in terms of Emissions and Global Impact. Typical measurements required by the Tool include

• Material Acquisition – what is it made of, does it have recycled content, is it environmentally friendly..?
• Transport – how far have the materials/product travelled to get to your factory, overland, overseas..?
• Material Processing – what processes and energy is applied in the production of your products..?
• Product Assembly – energy use, heating, lighting all contribute to this important reading.

To view you can see the differing Co2 calculations between a typical Chinese imported Salon Chair and the REM Earth Willow and Meadow seats, both manufactured in the Heart of the Pennines in the REM Factory. To give you a rough idea on the Global Impact planting one tree a year offsets 21 kgs Co2 p.a. and if you use this calculation to extrapolate the results of buying 5 salon chairs comparing UK to Chinese manufacturing the Global Impact would be as follows,

• 5 x UK REM Earth Willow Styling Chair = 325.7 Kgs of Co2
• 5 x Typical Chinese Chair = 879.8 Kgs of Co2

With the UK boasting around 42,000 Hair & Beauty Salons with an average of 5 seats per Salon and who buy and refurbish every 5 or so years the above Co2 readings expand to

• 8400 REM Willow Chairs = 547 Tonnes Co2 per annum into the atmosphere
• 8400 Typical Chinese Chairs = 1478 Tonnes Co2 per annum into the atmosphere

The difference really is staggering.