REM Visit to DIY SOS Big Build

Treetops Hospice, Risley, Derbyshire on behalf of Children in Need

One of the Executive Producers first approached REM from the BBC back in August on behalf of Children In Need. They enquired if we could supply them one of our High Spec Spa Couches for a project they were working on.

After a lot of discussion with their Designers and Executive Producer, they agreed on our new REM Earth Range Cedar Couch, as it was a perfect match for their requirements and colour scheme.

The whole brief was neutral, calming colours for a Complimentary Therapy Room, which as you can see in the pictures fits perfectly.

The REM Earth Cedar Spa Couch is part of the DIY SOS Big Build project to build a Children’s Bereavement and Therapy Centre, in Risley on the grounds of an existing Hospice.

We immediately agreed to help and were happy to advise that the Couch would be a donation to the new Children’s Centre.

“WOW, that has actually made me cry – that’s so generous of REM, thank you so much, the team will be thrilled when I tell them” was the response from one of the team at Risley.

Lynda Atkinson from REM was privileged to be invited to the Trades Launch Day in September, to meet the team involved. Various celebrities and the DIY SOS Big Build team were there to officially open the new Children’s Centre and most importantly meet the Children that would be using the Centre.

It was a day filled with so much love, tears and stories and after the BBC finished filming, Lynda had the chance to meet the young people who have lost siblings or parents who would benefit from this new facility where they were able to process their grief and rebuild their lives.

One young girl, aged 13, sat with Lynda explaining that the Counselling Services she had previously had were uncomfortable and in adult surroundings. All she wanted to do was curl up in a soft chair and feel safe to talk about her bereavement and be herself – a child. Each story that came out was so emotional, so humbling for everyone involved. It truly showed why it meant so much and why they needed this new Facility.

Lynda told her that REM had supplied the Cedar Spa Couch, and asked if she liked it… She jumped up, giving Lynda the biggest hug with tears in her eyes and said it was perfect and she could not wait to use it.

Lynda was honoured to represent REM for the day and we were delighted to help out