Recruiting To Achieve Net Zero

We’re pleased to announce our latest addition to the team, Nina Akrigg, who joins REM as our Compliance Officer.

Nina’s experience will be invaluable in continuing to drive REM’s processes and systems towards being leaner and greener as we move towards our target of achieving Net Zero. Nina is also responsible for H&S and Product Compliance, which involves learning about the technical make up of a product, specifications of components and documenting. We interviewed Nina about her background, new role, goals for the future

1. Please tell us a little about your background and experience?

I have a very strong administrative background and from this my love of health and safety grew. I became a Health and Safety officer in 2016. Since then, I have worked in several different industries and worked through the challenges for H&S that Covid 19 brought. Health and Safety is highly governed in an ever changing world, so keeping up with legislation and directives is crucial. Investigations for compliance are interesting and the overcomes can lead to far-reaching changes for the company and workforce, often with very positive outcomes. When the role came up at REM, I jumped at the chance to be able to use my knowledge and experience to branch into the different areas of compliance and to expand my expertise.

2. What type of qualifications and experience do you need for this role?

I studied my Health and Safety, Working Safely and Managing Safely with IOSH. I also was trained by an Alcumus auditor. Careful documentation and attention to detail makes the systems I design easier to implement and monitor. You certainly have to be very well organised to do my role!

3. Achieving Net Zero is the ultimate goal for REM – how will you do this?

Meeting environmental targets is key for any company these days and REM is no exception. We are documenting our waste on ERP Waste Management, which is highlighting areas of waste we need to tackle first. Also, we are working closely with the Chamber of Commerce and looking at new ways to minimise our carbon footprint. I am joining as many webinars as I can to ensure I keep up to speed with best-practice in manufacturing, and examining the systems in place to see what changes can be made to make a big impact. Using my experience and skills, linked to the support we are receiving both internally and from external organisations, such as the Chamber of Commerce, will allow us to accelerate our shift towards Net Zero.

We look forward to keeping everyone updated about the progress we’re making towards achieving our Net Zero goal over the coming months and years.