British Manufacturing, Faster, Leaner & Better for the Environment?

Here at REM UK Limited, our brand identity is at the heart of everything we do – it’s strong, diverse, and proudly British with over 100 years of heritage making us one of the leading suppliers of equipment and furniture to the Spa, Salon and Barber Industry. We take a great deal of pride in continuing to create stylish, practical solutions for our customers here in the UK and around the Globe.

Not only are we proud to be buying British and playing our part in supporting British manufacturing, but our dedication to the cause has also encouraged us to source a national supply chain, which means we are no longer reliant on imports and the business constraints that arise. Expensive and fluctuating freight costs, quality issues and long lead times. Our manufacturing processes from point of order to delivery to your doorstep is now 4 to 5 weeks compared with 10 to 12 weeks from many other Salon supply sources. In short, your decision to buy British means that we can deliver a better service to our customers, a more reliable service, with more predictable, affordable prices, shorter lead times and still deliver the same excellent quality furniture you’d expect from REM UK Limited.

Supporting the UK Economy

Our goal and ethic is to buy British wherever possible – not just because we’re British ourselves, but because we’re committed to supporting other UK manufacturers in our quest to improve our quality and delivery expectations. As the after-effects of Brexit and the COVID-19 Pandemic continue to make themselves known, we believe that it is more important than ever to be supporting the home-grown UK Manufacturing sector wherever possible. We now manufacture over 90% of our furniture right here in the UK in our manufacturing facility here in Nelson, Lancashire. Appointments can be made to visit our comprehensive showroom where you can discuss your needs with our experienced Sales & Design Team members.

British Manufacturing Bespoke Furniture

Whether you’re setting up a completely new Salon or refurbishing an existing one, we are here to help you make it look outstanding. Our in-house design team will work with you and create bespoke solutions exactly to your specification. Not only will you have our Design Experts on hand, but you will also be able to choose from dozens of colours, laminates and fabrics. Once you’ve approved your Design, you won’t be waiting months to see it come to life – our UK production facility will turn your ideas into reality faster than we ever could before.

When you welcome your customers to your Salon, Spa or barbershop, you’ll be able to tell them buy British, buy REM.