The World is accepting that, as a race, we need to change the way we think, the way we work and the way we live. The challenge to reduce carbon footprints and the race to net zero puts all of us under pressure to do our bit. However, we cannot rely on other Countries to be as conscious as us in the UK in our commitment to do that. We have to make our own way, despite di ering opinions and targets around the World. As a business, REM have recognised that they also must change to adapt to the challenges Global Warming brings. We cannot rely on other businesses to take the same pathway as ourselves and must ensure our efforts make the difference they are intended to make. REM have been working with the Green Rose Project through the local Chamber of Commerce and it has confirmed that to make a difference, it’s down to ourselves.

That is why REM are expanding their REM Earth Project and developing a range of sustainable products, specifically with a Net Zero target, available straight to the salon. This project is anticipated to reduce our carbon footprint by 25% in the next two years. Challenging suppliers. Slim lining the purchasing, administration and delivery processes of our product range , reducing energy consumption and improving fuel effciencies are all paramount, measurable and under our control. If REM is to face external regulation to achieve our responsibilities to the Global Crisis, REM has to take the lead to ensure it meets those challenges.